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McCall Golf Club


PECO Energy Company Beneficial (BA)

The PECO Energy Company Beneficial Association, often referred to as the BA, was formed back in 1907 as a cooperative insurance program to manage employee contributions for the provision of disability and death benefits.  Over the years, the trust fund has grown, corporate benefits have increased, and the purpose of the BA has evolved to providing benefits supporting the health and well-being of its members.  The employees of Exelon East companies are members with no requirement for contributions.

The BA provides subsidies for the following benefits:

  • Health & Fitness Centers at PECO/Exelon work locations.
  • An 18-hole golf course, McCall Golf & Country Club, located in Highland Park, eastern Delaware County. For $500 a year this course is available, to you, for unlimited golf as well as family members and guests, you may care to bring, upon the payment of reasonable guest fees. For first-time members of McCall, we offer a discounted bag tag for $100.  See attached flier.
  • A Conference & Meeting Center at the McCall Club for training sessions, meetings, as well as private parties, birthdays, weddings, etc., with free parking, a liquor license, on-site chef, AV equipment, etc., all at competitive rates.
  • An Athletic Association that coordinates PECO/Exelon teams for softball, basketball, bowling, running and cycling.

Athletic Association (AA)

The Athletic Association (AA) is organized and operated according to the bylaws of the PECO Energy Company Beneficial Association (BA).  The AA offers a variety of benefits to PECO/Exelon East employees (full-time and part-time) and their spouses (upon payment of appropriate dues) and service annuitants and their spouses.  The AA utilizes over half of the BA’s annual budget.  The AA offers various activities throughout the year including basketball, bowling, softball, running and cycling.  To sign up for any of the sports, contact the following individuals.

Basketball – Kevin Scott – kevin.scott@exeloncorp.com

Bowling – John Nice – jdnice@comcast.net

Running – Jim Cooper – jim.cooper@exeloncorp.com

Softball –-Sam Melendez – sam.melendez@exeloncorp.com

PECO Pedalers – John Hartenstein – john.hartenstein@exeloncorp.com

As a member of the Athletic Association, employees may also join one of the PECO Energy/Exelon Health & Fitness Centers.  Fitness Center fees vary depending on the site; however, registration requirements for all locations include completion of a risk check questionnaire, waiver, and fit check.  In some cases, employees may be required to obtain physician’s clearance prior to joining one of the Health & Fitness Centers.  After the fit check is complete, a full orientation of the Center’s cardiovascular and strength training equipment is provided to each member.  For more information regarding the Health & Fitness Center nearest you or to obtain an enrollment packet, call Lisa Case at 610-765-6879.

2018 Peco BA Flier